Collaboration is a key factor in every business and setting aside dedicated meeting times is often the most effective way of making group decisions. Thus, meetings are an important part of most people’s jobs. And if you work in a multinational company, or if your customers are from abroad, many of those meetings will be conducted in English.
Yesterday, in our Business English lesson, we talked about effective meetings and running or chairing a meeting. During the open class feedback, a lot of language emerged. It is amazing what asking the right questions can lead to!


We concluded that running meetings is a skill and that a meeting is effective when the four phases of meeting management are thoroughly considered:

1. Planning (items on the agenda) – before the meeting
2. Setting up the meeting (logistics – place, time, inviting people)
3. Chairing the meeting (checking the agenda, involving people, controlling time, delegating actions, etc.)
4. Following up – after the meeting ends.

Another very interesting lesson in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere!