Dear student,

Hello and welcome to your Better English course!

I will be your English teacher from now on and I do hope we will have a productive and fun time together. We are a team in this journey, so we both have to contribute to it. We will not only work on improving all your English skills, but we’ll also find out a lot about the world around us and life in general and we’ll reflect on how you learn best.

It is possible to have fun and work hard at the same time! During our course we’ll study, we’ll discover grammar rules together, we’ll watch videos, we’ll read stories, we’ll play games, we’ll write, we’ll role-play, we’ll discuss things, we’ll speak – A LOT! All these things go hand-in-hand in my courses and we’ll do them because they can help you learn better.

You’ll also have homework to do. And not because I’m the teacher, you are the student and I want to show you who’s the boss. But because two or three hours of English per week is just not enough and you are unlikely to reach a high level of English if you do nothing in between the lessons.

You may worry that I speak English much more than any other teacher you have had before, that when you ask me the meaning of a word or expression, I give you synonyms and examples in English instead of translating it into Romanian, or that I ask you questions with no clear cut right or wrong answer, but don’t worry – with a little effort, you will see that you CAN understand me and you CAN express your own ideas in English. You just need to be patient, ambitious and perseverant.

Our wonderful journey is just about to start. Let’s make it a swell one!

Your English teacher,