11 03, 2014



Revision doesn't have to be boring. It can take the form of a game, which allows students to use the studied grammar structures and vocabulary. Because progress tests are coming up, the beginning of this week was dedicated to revision. And this is how we revised - by playing cards!! [...]

3 03, 2014

A picture is worth a thousand words.


For me, a picture is much more than a simple image, especially when it comes to teaching English. Pictures are successful and highly effective aids during lessons, which can act as useful speaking and writing prompts. In our today's lesson I wanted to stimulate my elementary students' interest in reading [...]

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16 02, 2014

Problem – Solving Language


I love to jazz up my lessons with pictures, realia, mime, funny stories and to toy with things, surprising my students with activities they may consider playful! In our one-to-one Business English lesson this week, my intermediate student had to match problem-solving related expressions (the green post-it notes A-N) to the [...]

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19 01, 2014

Tips for Learning and Improving English


Whether you are an elementary or advanced level student, English skills can always be improved. What’s the best way to do this? Well, the answers are as different as the people asking the question. There are many tried and true tips for learning English. Here are some of them based [...]

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